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  • What can energy balancing help me with?
    Here are some benefits of energy balancing that can transform your life: · ​Reduces stress. · Relieves pain. · Improves sleep. · Releases anxiety, depression and grief. · Builds confidence and motivation. · Improves relationships. · Connects you to your true self. · Opens you to more love and abundance.
  • What is energy balancing or healing?
    Energy Healing, Aura, and Chakra Balancing are practices that fall under holistic healing approaches. Just as electricity flows through all the circuits in your home, you have life-force, or electromagnetic energy that flows through and around your body. When the flow of energy is blocked, this can lead to physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances. When your life force energy is out of balance, you may become stuck in negative patterns of thinking and behavior, which can lead to an inability to flourish in areas of your mind-body-spirit connection. Energy healing practices can involve touch or non-touch methods that direct healing light to your body’s energy field. This involves channeling universal golden light streams to your energy centers for a cleansed, balanced, and positive new outlook. Energy Practitioners “move” the vital life force, or energy that flows through your body to promote well-being. This vital life force goes by different names, such as "Chi" in Chinese medicine, “Ki” in Japanese Reiki practice, "Prana" in Indian Ayurveda, or “Mana” in the Hawaiian tradition.
  • Are there any side effects to energy balancing?
    Most of my energy practice is done remotely via phone or video meeting. Even when my sessions are done in person, it is a touchless practice. My hands hover over your body without making contact. I may stand a few feet away from you while moving energy, or have my hands hover over parts of your body a few inches away. Some typical energetic release effects that you will feel during or after a session can include: Feeling very relaxed and more peaceful. Watery eyes, yawning, coughing, burping, hiccupping, and sneezing. (You are not catching a cold. These are just some typical ways to release energy from the body.) Feeling less pain, or no pain. Feeling sleepy; sleeping soundly for several nights. Feeling more cheerful and happier. Suddenly doing things that you have put off for some time. Looking at people and situations differently. Some other physical effects may be detoxifying in nature, such as more frequent trips to the bathroom, eating less or more, and desiring healthier, lighter foods to match a new, lighter energy.
  • How many sessions will I need?
    Most clients will experience a difference in their energy shifting after the first session. Everyone is different in the makeup of their bodies, emotions and life stress factors. Some clients will take several sessions to resolve one area of improvement, whereas other clients who have more serious stressors or trauma in their lives may need additional appointments to achieve higher long-term goals for their wellness.
  • How do clients notice positive results?
    When energy blockages are released, they make room for the client to be energetically "freer" to manifest their intentions for their best life. Each client comes with their unique way of expressing their lives, and with unique goals for physical, emotional or spiritual health. It is impossible for a practitioner to predict precisely the exact impact on a client's life. However, I have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from satisfied clients on how they felt physically and emotionally improved after each session. The effects of shifted energies towards a positive direction in a client's life eventually integrates over time for their desired energy transformation goal.
  • What is the history of energy healing?
    Energy healing has been around since humans became aware of a Great Spirit or a Supreme Being with unseen powers that can be tapped into by humans for healing. Energy healing is viewed in a holistic way that believes in health as a balance of wellness between body, mind and spirit. Modern allopathic medicine regards the body as a mechanical system where body parts are patched or medicated to restore health. Both combined methods of restoring health are excellent complements to each other for a balanced approach back to wholeness. The ancient wisdom of energy healing dates back to Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, Yoga and Ayurveda healing traditions, and Native American and Shamanic traditions from indigenous healers from around the world. These systems are thousands of years old, and used worldwide. Some energy healing modalities that are used today that date back thousands of years include: Acupuncture Ayurveda Acupressure Reiki Prana healing Reflexology Sound healing Crystal healing Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping (EFT) Prayer There are many other forms of energy healing from other cultures that are not named here, and may not even have a “brand” name, but they also can be very effective in their transformative healing energies.
  • What is the "aura?"
    Aura Cleansing: The aura is the subtle energy field that surrounds a person's body and is linked to their physical, emotional, and spiritual state. Aura cleansing is a practice that aims to clear and balance the energy within this field. The human aura can be described as spiritual "skin." Just like our physical bodies are subject to getting a bit grimy with dirt, sweat, wind, pollen, etc. with daily wear as we go about our lives, so does our aura. Our energy field can also get a bit grimy with energy, such as a tough day on the job, a very tiring long commute, the boss or the kids yelling at you. The energetic "dirt" also needs to be washed away just like our bodies after a busy day. Aura cleansing is like an energetic shower or bath that we all need to get restored to our inherent bright spirit self.
  • What is the "chakra?"
    Chakra Cleansing: Chakras are the energy centers in the body, according to ancient Indian spiritual traditions like yoga and Ayurveda. There are seven main chakras aligned along the spine and up the crown of the head, each associated with different aspects of the body's organs, life and consciousness. The word "chakra" means "wheel" in the ancient Sanskrit language, and describes the spinning energy centers in the body. When your chakras are cleansed, balanced, and unblocked, energy can flow more freely through your body, creating a harmony of mind, body and spirit.
  • What is Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
    Neuro-Linguistic Programming, known as NLP, is a powerful approach to communication and personal development. NLP explores the relationships between how we think (neuro), how we communicate both verbally and non-verbally (linguistic), and our patterns of behavior and emotions (programming). Our minds as a complex computer system. NLP is like the user manual that helps us understand how our minds work and how to optimize their functioning. It offers practical tools and techniques to retrain how we think, speak, and behave for more positive outcomes in our lives. Understanding Your Thoughts (Neuro): In the context of NLP, "neuro" refers to our neurological processes and how our minds interpret the world around us. It involves becoming aware of our thought patterns, beliefs, and perceptions. Language and Communication (Linguistic): The "linguistic" aspect focuses on the language we use, both internally and externally. It's about understanding how our words, both spoken and unspoken, shape our experiences and interactions with others. Patterns of Behavior (Programming): "Programming" in NLP involves recognizing and adjusting our own patterns of behavior. It's like rewriting a computer program to achieve a better outcome. By identifying and modifying these patterns, we can enhance our responses to various situations. How NLP works: Non-Intrusive and Empowering: NLP techniques are non-intrusive and empower individuals to take control of their thoughts and actions. Suggestions for using positive and uplifting language and behavior outcomes are given to empower a mental or emotional outlook. Focus on Positive Change: NLP emphasizes positive change and personal development. It helps individuals overcome limiting beliefs, fears, and anxieties by replacing them with more constructive thought patterns. Practical and Applicable: The beauty of NLP lies in its practicality. Techniques can be easily applied to real-life situations, offering immediate relief and long-term benefits. Collaborative Approach: When working with an NLP practitioner or using NLP techniques, it's a collaborative process. The individual is in control, and the practitioner serves as a guide, helping to navigate the journey of self-discovery and improvement. Enhanced Communication: NLP provides tools to enhance both verbal and non-verbal communication skills. This can lead to more effective interactions and a deeper understanding of oneself and others. NLP is like a toolkit for the mind, offering practical and effective strategies for personal growth and improved communication. It's a collaborative and empowering approach that can help individuals overcome anxiety and achieve positive changes in their lives.
  • What happens during a New Client 15-minute phone call?
    Our first phone call will be for us to get to know each other, and for me to learn what wellness goals you have for your energy balancing. You can ask me questions you may have about energy work. I will share with you how energy healing can support your goals for emotional, physical and/or spiritual wellness and growth.
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