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The Power of Releasing Grief Through Energy Work

I invite you to an inspiring journey toward healing and the rediscovery of your joy and positivity in the face of grief and loss. Whether brought on by the loss of a loved one, the end of a significant chapter in life, or the weight of unprocessed emotions, grief can have an overwhelming impact on our lives.

Grief can bring intense feelings of denial, confusion, anger, loneliness, depression, and so many other nameless emotions. While learning how to heal and manage my own energies, I found the insight and strength that led me towards my own personal growth and a new sense of purpose in my life. More importantly I found meaning in remembering the love of the past and the present through my own healing. I wish to help you do the same in your journey to release your pain and to experience a renewed state of balance and joy in your life.


I offer you a safe space where you can openly express your emotions and experiences through this journey. I witness your grief, and let you be heard. In the healing process, together we will explore holistic techniques such as energy balancing, neuro-linguistic training, coaching, self-reflection, journaling, story-telling, guided meditations and visualizations.


Grief is only a chapter in your life, not your whole life story. You do not have to be alone as you travel through grief. Allow me to guide you through your profound transformation back to a state of love and joy! 

I am a Certified Grief Educator through Dr. David Kessler, world renowned expert on grief and loss. My goal is to support your healing in your journey towards finding peace and your joyful, vibrant self again. 

Be inspired!

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Your grief journey on this bridge leads you to a beautiful wisteria tree, symbol of your personal power, resilience, and longevity.
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