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Elevate Your Life with Faye
Begin Your Transformation Journey

Hello, I'm Faye, an intuitive Energy Practitioner, Certified Grief Educator, and Corporate Trainer. Since 2006, I've dedicated myself to helping individuals achieve energetic balance and physical well-being through my holistic healing work and my work as an educator and leader in colleges and corporate Human Resources consulting.


My approach to energy healing embraces a "whole-listic" perspective, recognizing each individual as an integration of mind, body, and spirit. Your SoulSet is the radiant core of your inner self, a blend of your deepest beliefs and intentions that lights your spiritual path, and lights the way to aiding your healing and wellness.


My approach to supporting your growth journey recognizes your SoulSet to help you shift consciousness and elevate awareness, enabling you to connect with your true inner self and unlock your personal empowerment.

Through my services, I offer intuitive and spiritual insights to dissolve limiting beliefs and clear energy blockages, facilitating personal transformation. As a Grief Educator, I provide compassionate support and guidance for those experiencing the pain of loss, using tools like Energy Balancing, Neuro-Linguistic Training, intuitive awareness, and calming meditations.

My sessions often incorporate guided visualizations and meditative journeys, enhancing relaxation and promoting profound self-discovery and healing. I approach every interaction with non-judgmental compassion and lovingkindness.


Whether you're seeking to navigate through grief, need an energetic tune-up, or desire to bridge the gap between the practical and the spiritual, I am here to guide you. Let's embark on this journey together toward becoming your most limitless, healthy, and joyous self. Start your transformation today!

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Aura energy and light surrounds the body.
Healing hands flowing with restorative golden light streams.
Butterflies are symbols of great transformation.

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