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Find Your Bliss
What to Expect in an Energy Balancing Session

Welcome to a world where the subtle forces shaping our lives can be harnessed for deep transformation and personal growth.


As an intuitive Energy Practitioner, I guide you through energy attunements to help you achieve wellness, balance, and harmony.


Our sessions involve a gentle cleansing of your aura and chakras, removing blockages that limit your potential and easing states of pain, anxiety, fear, and grief.

Experience the benefits of energy balancing:

  • Reduces stress and body tensions.

  • Enhances sleep quality.

  • Alleviates anxiety, depression, and grief.

  • Boosts confidence and motivation.

  • Strengthens relationships.

  • Connects you with your true self.

  • Opens pathways to friendships, love and abundance.

Join me for a relaxing and peaceful energy session, led with amusement and lovingkindness, and feel the profound difference in your lightness of being. Be inspired and transform your life!

Be Inspired!

Swirling energy in aura.
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Lotus flower emanates energy.
pastel colored royal blue background color with swirling golden threads of light dispersed

Unity Field Healing (UFH)

There is a New World of Quantum Support for the New Human!  

Experience for yourself the power and love of this remarkable new healing tool! Unity Field Healing is a new energy based modality offered to support healing and “bio-spiritual” transformation.


Energy attunement sessions work through the axis of your spiritual, or “Quantum DNA,” which is intended to facilitate physical, emotional, and mental transformation through recalibration with your spiritual DNA system.


It is performed in a series of Energy Sessions which are carefully crafted to guide you through a progressive and enlightening experience, helping you connect with your spiritual essence.

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