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Energy Healing Will Tickle You

People who have never experienced an energy balancing session sometimes wonder what it is like. It’s not as mysterious as people think it is. There are no magic potions with weird smelly herbs, smoke, strange sounds or chants, or spooky happenings. At least that is not how I manage my sessions. Keep reading…

I work within the realm of Spirit—healing Angels and other benevolent light entities who work through me as a channeler to pass along benevolent healing light from Spirit. Call the Spirit God, Supreme Being, or whatever you call the God of your heart. The language may be different, but the Spiritual intention for loving and healing others is the same. That is my goal—to love, offer compassion and healing to those who need it, and who wish to have an effect on their own healing intentions for themselves.

My hands hover over your body, without touching, and transmit light energies from Spirit. You get to relax, soaking in the calming and soothing energies. You may feel warmth, tingling, or tickling sensations. Everyone's sensitivity is a bit different and experiences will vary. There is much more to it, but to fast forward this story, at the end of your session, I give you homework to do. I used to teach college and do corporate training… Homework is obligatory.

Your homework is: go home and hug your dog, cat, bird, human, teddy bear, Ben & Jerry's… whatever brings you comfort and joy… and then watch a very silly, funny movie. And laugh out loud!

Love to all!


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olga krolevich
olga krolevich
28 de nov. de 2023


So far I had 3 really amazing sessions with you, 1 in person and 2 online, and I have to say the online sessions are just as powerful and effective.

It’s very convenient from the comfort of my own home. Especially being a new mom.

During our sessions I felt a very subtle vibrating sensation throughout the body, and other times it felt more of an anchoring sensation. A spiritual shower as we say.

I can already sense a positive shift in my overall energy and perspective in my day to day life. I’m so glad I found you <3 and I’m very eager for what’s coming next!

Thank you so much 🙏🏼

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